tyykneetreeuhh asked: I find that the style I like the most on my hair is a twist out, and it always looks great (on the first day)... But after day 1 sleeping with my satin cap messes up the style and makes it shrink and in trying to fix it the style goes totally left. I'm afraid not to sleep with my satin cap however because I don't want to risk drying my hair out... I have been transitioning for about a year now and my hair is turning out great, this is my main issue.. Any tips?

you can try fluffing it or stretch it some people just twist it back up everynight or leaveit to shrink 

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cvld-hearted asked: I have been transitioning for about eight months now and I plan to for at least a year or 2. For these eight months I have been wearing Marley twist. Is it okay to wear protective styles through my year or 2 of transitioning?

yes as long as they are not tight and you mosturize

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How to Pre-poo Natural Hair


A pre-poo is the abbreviation of the word pre-shampoo. A pre-shampoo is a treatment applied to the hair before shampooing/washing. Pre-poo treatments can be done with oil or with a conditioner.

Benefits of pre-poo treatments…

  • helps in detangling hair
  • nourishes scalp and roots
  • protects…
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Anonymous asked: I've noticed that I have more spirally curls, of the circumference of a crochet needle, around the front of my hair, whereas from the middle-back I have more of an 's' shape type of curl pattern. I'm currently almost 12 months post relaxer, so could that be why I have different textures in my hair? or is my hair just multi-textured? Thanks in advance

it can be both but most like because you have multi textured hair in order to find out all the relxer has to be gone first

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Anonymous asked: Explain how you pre poo? What do you pre poo with? ( coconut oil, avocado oil) Do you mix oils? Do you warm up your oils? Sorry for all the questions, just getting the hang of things.

Some  use  food items, which i do that is good for hair, like mayonnaise,egg, honey, avocados, yogurt, or bananas. you can use oils, food items and deep conditioners. you can mix the oils and you can warm it up if you want as long as it before you wash your hair.it just helps to untangle your hair.

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rocky-palace asked: Hello, I am transitioning and I wanted to ask did you grow your natural out by cutting your relaxer or did you let it grow out first? - Thanks

i let it grow out, i did cut some relaxers but its not noticeable, i grew out my hair 98% of the time

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just did 35 bantu knots on my head lets see if this turns out cute


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