Anonymous asked: I just got Senegalese twists in. I'm transitioning. How can I take care of my hair under the twists

i posted 2 videos on how to take care of hair under braids

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thisaintaroomfullofsuicide asked: I'm gonna start transitioning now and I don't know what I should do with my hair. The last time I got a perm was at the end of May or beginning of June so I have about an inch and a half or more of new growth. What styles should I do? And would heat be a no no at this point? (Also I blow dried my hair out Saturday night and omg the paain)

watch YouTube videos of ppl transitioning and wuat styles they do. lol don’t add too much heat, if you can, dont add heat now,but if u feel like u need to then go ahead

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lambbofficial asked: Hello Lovely! Could you please check out our new blog x


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niyah-lee asked: I am trying to achieve a medium puff by June. Do you think I will be able too? I'm 7.5 months natural. In Dec. I will do a mini chop. I will continue to do protective styles until the end of June. Is my goal achievable?

yes if u take care ur hair

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4C Hair Youtube Vloggers (Part II)


Round two of the English and French-speaking 4c natural hair vloggers I follow:

Short 4c

Kinky Girl Mar




Medium 4c


Akushika GoneNatural


Tara Johnson

Berenice Ekodeck

Racines Crépues

Long 4c

*edit: Evelyn From The Internets

AfroHairAddictions AHA

Chizi Duru

Natural Hair Growth by Neno Natural

Yunik Ritini

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Anonymous asked: will prolonged use of Senegalese or Marley twists or even box braids ruin my edges?

as long as its not tight,just dont braid the edges and gel it down

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